Learning to pray is learning to live
as fully as possible in the present moment.

John Main OSB

Meditation is a universal spiritual wisdom. All traditions recognize the value of a contemplative practice and the need for the community that flows from it. The School of Meditation of The World Community for Christian Meditation supports this. To find out more about the World Community for Christian Meditation visit our main website www.wccm.org.

The aim of the 'School of Meditation' is to advance the Community's Mission, which is:

"To communicate and nurture meditation as passed on through the teaching of John Main in the Christian Tradition in the spirit of serving the unity of all."

The various stages of the School of Meditation support and nurture meditators in a way that strengthens and deepens their daily practice, expands their spiritual friendships within the wider community and leads to a greater knowledge and appreciation of the wonderful ancient Christian tradition in which meditation is grounded.

Each stage supports and guides the journey of the Christian Meditator from the first steps in the practice to the sharing of the gift with others. As you explore each Stage on our website you will find many different kinds of resources. There are those that:

  • are aimed at you as an individual on the path of meditation.
  • will support you in leading a group.
  • will help you to deepen your knowledge of the tradition.
  • will support you in organizing general events for meditators or specific ones for group leaders in your area.
  • will guide you in outreach in specific areas including Children & Students, Meditation in Prisons, Meditation and the Poor, Business & Leadership, the Environment, Interfaith Dialogue, Mental Health, and Addictions

Do explore these webpages, which are here to nurture and support each one of you on the journey of meditation.

Do feel free to contact me, if you are looking for additional materials or guidance.

Gene Bebeau

The School of Meditation

The World Community for Christian Meditation


The School Program

There are six stages in the School of Meditation:
Stage One – Learning to Meditate in a Group
Stage Two – Supporting the Daily Practice
Stage Three – Personal Experience and the Tradition (The Essential Teaching Weekend)
Stage Four - Seminars, Retreats, Workshops
Stage Five – The School Retreat
Stage Six – Sharing the Gift

The World Community for Christian Meditation is present in more than a hundred countries. It shares the teaching on meditation, the prayer of the heart, as part of the contemplative tradition handed on by John Main. It also engages in dialogue with other faiths and secular institutions. Meditatio is the outreach of the community conducted through seminars, media and the formation of young contemplatives in the world.

Faculty Booklet - List of teachers in the World Community (download pdf)

Latest Weekly Teaching

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 16:52
Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 17:14

DVD & Video

Roots of Christian Mysticism

An introduction to the Christian mystical tradition, available at Meditatio Store.

Note: Purchasing this product will grant you the access to the oline video (it's also possible to download it). No physical DVD will be shipped!

Sharing the Gift

Resources Book for Passing on Christian Meditation

This book contains a wealth of articles to support you in sharing the gift of Christian Meditation with others at all levels.

Now available at Meditatio Store.

Materials for Introducing Meditation

New Six Week Introductory Course

This is a comprehensive course intended to help you introduce meditation to beginners. All you need for this is available online here: including the updated edition of 'A Pearl of Great Price' by Laurence Freeman OSB and some audio files. This will make it easier for you to present this course with confidence. You will find additional materials to support this under 'Resources' - 'Materials' on the School of Meditation webpage.

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