Year 1

Letter 52: Why Meditation Groups Matter Today

In any active project we usually need a team to support us with the varied talents of its individual members; so, in the work of contemplation, we need community to help us get started and to perse

Letter 50: The Weekly Group Meeting

John Main's hope that the teaching would be shared in an organic way through small groups of men and women meeting regularly in homes, parishes and work-places has been more than fulfilled, as ther

Letter 49: What are the characteristics of a Christian Meditation group?

The mission statement of The World Community for Christian Meditation is:

Letter 48: Communion or union

The early Church fathers had no shadow of a doubt that union with the Divine is possible for all:

Letter 47: The importance of preparation

We know from experience that to meditate is not easy.

Letter 46: Attention

Paying one-pointed attention to your word is the essence of meditation. John Main always stressed: ‘Just say your word.’ That is all that is needed.

Letter 45: Do not be anxious about tomorrow

We saw the importance that the Tradition attaches to letting go of thoughts. One of the important consequences of doing this is that it helps us to stay in the present moment.

Letter 44: The contemplative tradition

The fact that meditation, contemplative prayer, is authentically Christian can also be seen from the fact that in many Christian traditions silent prayer forms the centre of worship.

Letter 43: An authentic Christian way of prayer

Often when we tell people that we meditate in the Christian tradition, they look at us in amazement. Christian meditation, surely that does not exist?