Year 1

Letter 42: Benedict

Can the pursuit of a spiritual path lead to the very egocentricity it is trying to escape? Not infrequently.

Letter 41: Cassian

John Cassian, whom Thomas Merton called the ‘master of the spiritual life for monks – the source for all in the West’ and who put John Main back on the path of contemplation was born proba

Letter 40: Gregory of Nyssa

Indian philosophy includes the doctrine of ‘advaita’ or non-duality. We are not one with ultimate reality but we are not just dualistically related to it either.

Letter 39: Origen

When Origen’s father was martyred his mother only prevented him from offering himself for the same fate by hiding his clothes.

Letter 38: Clement of Alexandria: Jesus, the Divine Physician

Perhaps all identity is born from conflict. Heraclitus, the pre-Socratic philosopher, thought everything came out of conflict.

Letter 37: Gnosticism

The occasion for the first great divide in the history of Christian spirituality was an esoteric and eclectic form of mysticism that is still with us and erupts from time to time in Hollywood block

Letter 36: St Paul

St Paul is often credited with founding Christianity. Certainly it would not have developed as it did without him.

Letter 35: The Mystical Experience of Jesus

Last week we saw that mystical consciousness is as old as the hills. Most of the great scientists of our own age also came to see the world this way – unitively and reverentially.

Letter 34: Introduction to the mystical tradition

The Roots of Christian Mysticism
Laurence Freeman

Letter 33: Meditation – a different way of learning

Learning to meditate and learning what meditation has to teach us are both different kinds of learning from what we are used to.