Year 3

Letter 30: The Essential Human Condition

The state of being in the Presence of God, in the Kingdom, is an inborn human capacity.

Letter 29: Integration of two ways of being

Laurence Freeman in his book Jesus, the Teacher Within states: “The Kingdom is freedom from all inner and outer domination: ‘the glorious liberty of the children of God’.

Letter 28: The Kingdom of God

The quality essential to true meditation, contemplative prayer, is surrender. It is a question of renouncing thoughts, imagination and images.

Letter 27: Love and forgiveness

We too feel very reluctant like the Stream in the story The Desert and the Streamto let go of our image of who we think we are and of our own idea about our role in life.

Letter 26: The Desert and the Stream

The spiritual path moves through self-knowledge to knowledge of God, as we have already heard in the words of many a mystic or spiritual teacher.

Letter 25: Accepting the challenge

Gaining self-knowledge is a hard task.

Letter 24: The true perception

Laurence Freeman in Jesus, the Teacher Withinstresses that “The essential work of a spiritual teacher is just this: not to tell us what to do but to help us see who we are.” That is t

Letter 23: Searching for the Precious Jewel

Laurence Freeman says that in John Main’s view the importance of the historical Jesusof Nazarethwas that he“awakened to himself within the mortal limitations we all know.” Laurence Freeman then con

Letter 22: The real meaning of Jesus

Although we heard both John Main and Laurence Freeman affirm the importance of the historical Jesus, both emphasize too that, however important that aspect is, he is much more than that.

Letter 21: The historical Jesus

We know how central a role the in-dwelling Christ played for John Main in his experience of the spiritual journey.