Year 3

Letter 20: Breaking through illusion

John Main continually points us beyond the sphere of our ‘ego’towards the sphere of the ‘true self’– from illusion to reality – and saw meditation as an essential way of doing thi

Letter 19: The Narrow Gate

“The gate that leads to life is small and the road is narrow, said Jesus.

Letter 18: Two ways of being

We heard John Main talking about: “man’s most haunting fear – of isolation, fear, and loneliness, that the world is itself only a terrible mistake”.

Letter 17: Intuition and Rationality

We engage in a way of prayer that presupposes an attitude that is the opposite of what is more and more the culturally acceptable one in Western Civilisation.

Letter 16: Truly listening

With both John Main and Laurence Freeman being Benedictine monks it is understandable that their teaching has been influenced by the way of life that the Rule of St Benedict encourages.

Letter 15: Community

I find it fascinating how in the last few years, science more and more validates in rigorous experiments what those on the spiritual path know from personal experience.

Letter 14: The importance of Community

We have seen how on our journey of meditation we have the interior guidance of Christ, but externally we are also supported, namely by the meditation community.In our innermost being, in our essenc

Letter 13: Becoming whole

Throughout his writing John Main emphasized the importance of personally experiencing the silence, where the faithful repetition of the mantra leads us.

Letter 12: Accepting Silence

For many of us the dominant emotions that rule us unconsciously are insecurity and fear. These prevent us according to John Main from having the courage to go into the Silence.

Letter 11: Openness to our Potential

Last week I talked about the statement that‘to name is not to know’.Yet our instinct is to name, as it gives us a sense of being in control, however illusionary that may be: we think we kn