Year 3

Letter 10: The problem of language

The one thing philosophy and theology teach us is the basic impossibility of our limited rational capacities to truly understand the Divine Reality.

Letter 9: Transformation of human consciousness

The essence of the journey of meditation is to follow Jesus’ command and let go off our ‘ego’pre-occupations: “If anyone wishes to be a follower of mine, he must leave self behind….

Letter 8: Faith

As we have seen therefore, the validity of our meditation is based on the belief of the indwelling Spirit.

Letter 7: John Main’s theology of prayer

John Main’s theology on prayer is closely linked with his Christian theology in general.

Letter 6: Where do we pray?

It is interesting to note what a widespread and influential Christian movement the Desert tradition was.

Letter 5: The importance of Scripture

All of John Main’s theology and teaching on meditation is not only based on experience but also on Scripture. Every teaching of his starts and/or finishes with a quote from Scripture.

Letter 4: Interconnectedness

John Main stressed that the “purpose of our Community is to hand on the tradition of meditation.

Letter 3: Deep interior prayer

John Main, as well as the early Christians, emphasized deep, silent prayer as theway to enter into our own centre, where we contact the living Christ and through him we will‘know’

Letter 2.1: A question and its answer

A faithful meditator and friend Bob, who uses the weekly teaching every week in his group, asked me a question based on last week’s teaching ‘Basically sinners or essentially good?’ 

Letter 2: Basically sinners or essentially good?

We hear these words telling of our essential connectedness to Divine Reality, but do we really believe them?