Year 4

Letter 42: Bridging science and spirituality

It is appropriate at this stage to quote the words of Dr Shanida Nataraja in her book The Blissful Brain: “Although Western thinking has, until recently, drawn a clear line between scienti

Letter 41: Meditation and the brain

It is important to remember what C G Jung said in the quote I mentioned last week: “To the constantly reiterated question ‘What can I do?’ I know no other answer except: ‘Become what you have alway

Letter 40: Meaning and relationship

Each one of us is born with the knowledge at a deep level of or being what the meaning of our life is. But this meaning cannot be accessed by the discursive mind.

Letter 39: The human search for meaning

The search for meaning has always formed an important aspect of being human but it seems to have become a more urgent quest in our time.

Letter 38: Birth of Christ in the Soul

We have been talking in the last few weeks about the fact that serious practice of meditation, contemplative prayer, leads us gradually into deep interior silence, where we become aware of the pres

Letter 37: Self-knowledge and relationship

We have seen how important a role self-knowledge and true, open relationships play on the spiritual path.

Letter 36: Third level of consciousness

When we manage to acknowledge and accept what comes up, however painful that may be, we arrive at a deeper level, the third level of consciousness.

Letter 35: Our changing relationship with our thoughts

The different stages of the spiritual journey are really dependant on our changing relationship with our thoughts.

Letter 34: Self-transcendence

Learning to understand the ‘wounded ego’ is often seen as ‘merely psychological’, not as something essential to the spiritual path.

Letter 33: Who am I?

‘Who am I?’ is a question we are faced with at different times in our life, especially when life suddenly dramatically changes for us.