Year 4

Letter 32: The roles we play

We need to become aware how we create images of ourselves, of the world and of God that prevent us from seeing reality as it is and how this tendency is driven by the primary survival needs for lov

Letter 31: The last hurdle

One of the most difficult hurdles to clear on the spiritual path is the type of religious upbringing we had as a child.

Letter 30: Second level of distraction

“Coming into the present moment means detaching ourselves from the mental web of past and future that enmeshes us”, which means detaching ourselves from the surface distractions, which are “harassi

Letter 29: Addiction to thoughts

The most important aspect of meditation is paying one-pointed attention on our word, which helps us to let go off thoughts from the past and the future with their hopes, fears, worry and anxiety.

Letter 28: First level of distraction

We long for the wholeness and unity beyond the diversity scientists and mystics talk about. We also do know that meditation is an experiential road towards this.

Letter 27: Relationship and interconnectedness

Laurence Freeman stresses in Jesus the Teacher Within that “in the petitions of the Lord’s Prayer we see how all prayer touches on human relationships no less than the root-relationship wi

Letter 26: Is Meditation really part of the Christian tradition?

Recently one of the questions that came my way via the website was from a person, who was attracted by meditation and the teaching of John Main and Laurence Freeman.

Letter 25: Meditation as transformation

We have heard John Man and Laurence Freeman stress the transformative power of meditation.

Letter 24: What is our meditation about?

John Main in Being On the Way explains the reason for us meditating as follows: “What we know from the words of Jesus and from the actions of Jesus is that God is wholly turned to us in Je

Letter 23: The Spirit and Prayer

We have looked at the meaning of the ‘Kingdom’, an important concept. Another important one to consider is the ‘Spirit’. What is meant by that and what is the relationship between the two?