Year 4

Letter 22: The Kingdom of God

“To find God, then, we must lose God – at least our primitive ideas and images of God.” (p.130) But as we saw in the story about the monk in John Cassian’s Conferencesto lose one’s image o

Letter 21: The Divine

But we are still left with the question – being a rational human being – who or what is this Higher Reality?

Letter 20: Images of God

Images of ourselves, other people, creation in general and God are very culturally determined.

Letter 19: God of Love and Mercy

We have been told that Jesus came to save sinners.

Letter 18: Lectio Divina and contemplative prayer

We have seen the importance of the gospels in shaping Christianity in the early centuries. But what is often forgotten is that they were at the same time the source of deep contemplative prayer.

Letter 17: The importance of the gospels

We are struck by the great diversity of forms, in which Christianity is expressed nowadays.

Letter 16: Hearing your true name

We have been exploring the interplay of the ego, the shadow and the true self and how important relationships are for becoming aware of your true Self and growing into the person God intends you to

Letter 15: Meditation and relationship

Meditation is a way to escape out of the prison of the ego and its desires by leading us into the silence of deep contemplative prayer.

Letter 14: The discipline of meditation

We have been discussing how essential meditation is to personal growth and transformation into the person God intends us to be.

Letter 13: Meditation as a way to self-knowledge

Laurence Freeman continues in Jesus the Teacher Within to stress the impossibilityof knowing Jesus with our mind; instead we need to enter into the depth of our being and know him with our