Books, CDs and Videos are available under the Resources tab at
A few may only be available from country specifc sources, listed on MedioMedia.

Stage One: Learning to Meditate in a Group

Resources For Beginners And Group Leaders

Books ,CD’s and DVD:

  • A Pearl of Great Price, Sharing the Gift of Meditation by Starting a Group, Laurence Freeman OSB  available from our bookstore or here for download.
  • Christian Meditation, Your Daily Practice, Laurence Freeman OSB.
  • Time Peace CD, timed periods of silence for meditation, or you can download our mobile app for meditation.
  • The Journey of Meditation, a presentation of the essential teaching on DVD (MedioMedia)
  • 12 Talks for Meditators short introductory talks on CD (MedioMedia)
  • Meditatio CD’s, short talks for meditation groups (contact your local Coordinator for details)
  • Pilgrimage, An Introduction to Christian Meditation on DVD (MedioMedia)

Online Resources:

Stage Two: Supporting the Daily Practice

Books by John Main OSB:

  • Silence and Stillness in Every Season
  • The Gethsemani Talks
  • Word into Silence
  • Hunger for Depth and Meaning

Books by Laurence Freeman OSB:

  • The Inner Pilgrimage, The Journey of Meditation
  • A Simple Way, The Path of Christian Meditation
  • Radical Simplicity, Meditation for Everyone
  • First Sight, The Experience of Faith

Online Resources:

Stage Three: Personal Experience and the Tradition
The Essential Teaching Weekend

Books and DVDs:

Online Resources:

Stage Four: Seminars, Retreats, Workshops

Material For Further Explorations

See also the extensive range of Resources on the WCCM website.

Stages of the Journey Books:

  • Jesus the Teacher Within, Laurence Freeman OSB
  • The Selfless Self, Laurence Freeman OSB
  • First Sight, The Experience of Faith, Laurence Freeman OSB
  • Dancing with Your Shadow, Kim Nataraja

Online Resources for Presenters:

History of the Tradition:

Materials for Group Leaders Meetings:

Translated Material:

  • Silence and Stillness for Non English Speakers

Study Materials:

Other Course outlines:

Stage Five: The School Retreat

Online Resources:

  • School Retreat sample Program (link)
  • School Retreat sample Prayers and Readings (link)

Stage Six: Sharing the Gift

Online Resources: