Stage Four: Seminars, Retreats, Workshops

Further explorations are available through a rich program of workshops and courses locally and nationally to support and inspire your ongoing journey of meditation.

These events may take the form of Workshops, Quiet Days or Weekend Retreats and expand on the themes of the Essential Teaching Weekend: ‘The Essential Teaching’ 'The History of the Tradition', 'The Stages of the Journey', ‘Workshops on Leading Groups’ and "Outreach to Specific Groups"

These are often gatherings to support and bring together those who have attended an “An Essential Teaching Weekend”' and to offer further support around specific themes. Others who have not yet attended “An Essential Teaching Weekend” are also welcome, as they too will find these helpful.

There are other Retreat weekends of a broader appeal. They share the wisdom of our tradition highlighting one of the three themes of the Essential Teaching Weekend and often focus on specific mystics or books.  Sometimes these take the shape of a series of talks following the established format of ‘The Roots of Christian Mysticism Course’ (see below).

There are a wide range of resources available including DVD’s, CD’s and Books.

The Roots of Christian Mysticism Course is a popular journey through the tradition presented by experts in a way that connects tradition to personal experience. It has been presented in a number of formats by the Community and has inspired the prize-winning book ‘Journey to the Heart – Christian Contemplation through the centuries’.

Outreach to specific interest groups is offered through Meditatio Seminars and Workshops. Meditatio offers ways to engage in a contemplative spirit with the social issues of our time. Programs include Business, Education and Health (including mental health and addiction).

The wider Community also presents larger seminars such as the international John Main Seminar, and longer retreats such as 7 and 10 day Retreat in various parts of the world.