Stage One: Learning to Meditate in a Group

You may find Christian Meditation from a search on the web, a book or CD, a public talk or retreat, a conversation with a friend or by dropping in to a weekly meditation group. We all start from where we are.

Connecting with a regular group is a great initial (and on-going) help to getting started and then to growing into a regular, life transforming practice. Meditation is simple but when we start we are not. That’s why it helps so much to make the journey with others.

You can find a meditation group near you by getting information from your country's website or National Coordinator.

At the same time as you are searching for a group near you, perhaps you are beginning to try meditating on your own at home. Although we believe the support of a group is an important element in supporting your practice, you may also want to look at the resources and information for Supporting the Daily Practice.

The next step could be to attend a Six Week Introductory Course. These courses are held regularly and information about them is available from your National or Regional Coordinator or local group leader.

Help with Starting a Group

If you are already meditating and are interested in starting a group or would like to learn more about meditation groups and their important role in the Christian Meditation Community, then the book A Pearl of Great Price by Laurence Freeman OSB is essential reading. This little book offers encouragement and practical suggestions about how to start a group, and then how to sustain and nurture it. You can find a copy of the book here or purchase a copy through our bookstore.
If you consider starting a group contact your National Coordinator so that you can be well supported.

The Community provides a range of resources for local groups, including the Booklet “Your Daily Practice”, Weekly Teachings, Meditation Timer on CD or App, short teachings on CD. For a full list click here.