Stage Six: Sharing the Gift

As with all gifts of a spiritual nature, meditation is deepened by giving it away – by sharing it with others who, like you, are searching for God at greater personal depth. Through the different stages of the School you can find the best means for you of sharing the gift with others.

As you have seen from our web pages The School of Meditation offers resources and practical assistance for presenting each stage of the journey.
A full list of the School Resources is on our School Resource Page and the general resources of the Community can be found here.

Resources and practical assistance for outreach to specific groups can be found at Meditatio.
Programs include Business, Education, Health (including mental health and addiction).

If you are interested in leading a Six Week Introductory Course then all the materials that you will need including talks on each topic can be downloaded from the website. These materials should be used in conjunction with the book A Pearl of Great Price.

The School also provides an international Faculty of teachers to give talks on Christian Meditation and conduct retreats in various countries. A Faculty booklet showing teachers in all the communities around the world is now available both in print and on the website.