Stage Three: Personal Experience, Tradition

The Essential Teaching Weekend

The Essential Teaching Weekend is a residential experience that helps you understand your own experience in the light of a greater tradition as well as through others with whom you share the journey.

The weekend follows a simple format of teachings, regular periods of meditation and prayer, and time for sharing and discussion. You can view a typical Program and also sample prayers and readings here.

Presentations by teachers in the community illustrate the place of meditation in the contemplative tradition, the essential aspects of our practice and the psychological aspects of the journey. They may use DVD presentations, or PowerPoint slides, or present their own talks when experience has given them the confidence.

Participants share ways to introduce Christian Meditation to individuals or groups. They are also introduced to the resource book Sharing the Gift which contains valuable resources compiled from many people‚Äôs experience of introducing meditation in the Christian tradition. The resources in this book could be used for deepening individual knowledge, nurturing a group, or as inspiration for giving a talk or organizing a meditation event. Each participant receives a copy.

The style of the weekend is relaxed, informative and participative. It allows for time to develop friendships and a sense of community. There are no expectations but many people who do this weekend find they feel more connected and want to participate in the life and work of the Community.