Stage Two: Supporting the Daily Practice

The School and the Community as a whole provide a wide range of support for the individual meditator and the meditation groups. On the School Resources Page and throughout our website you will find many resources that can be accessed on line or sent to you directly.

Of particular support as you start your journey are the Weekly Teachings, Weekly Readings, and the book of daily readings form John Main "Silence and Stillness in Every Season".

The Weekly Teachings:
The weekly teachings in a three year cycle form an ongoing series that builds up into a solid foundation of the tradition on which we meditate. The weekly teachings may form the content of the teaching element of the group. They could also form part of the discussion after the meditation. They can also be copied and handed out to the group members or sent to them by email.

All years have an overarching theme:

  • Year One is the Essential Teaching. Many weekly episodes appeared first in the 'Resources Book' (now 'Sharing the Gift') - the resources given to those who have attended an Essential Teaching Weekend.
  • Year Two deals with the certainties and uncertainties experienced in meditation, highlighted against the background of the Desert Tradition.
  • Year Three deals with the theology of John Main OSB and Laurence Freeman OSB, which underlies their teaching.

These are of course not the only resources that can be used in a group as introduction to the meditation period. There are many others, but they are a great help, if you are new to leading a group.

The Weekly Readings:
The weekly readings are meant primarily as personal lectio and are sent to individuals at their request. They are not intended for use in the groups.
(Lectio Divina – to find out more about the practice of Lectio Divina click here)

Silence and Stillness in Every Season:
This book contains a reading from John Main for each day of the year, offering an excellent short teaching before daily meditation periods.

Daily Wisdom:
You can start the day with an inspiring image and quote from John Main or Laurence Freeman sent direct to your email address.

Other resources:
Please browse the School Resources Page to see other materials for meditation groups and individuals.
Specifically for groups, you may wish to explore our short CD’s available with transcripts, in particular books, CD’s and DVD’s published by Medio Media and other publishers.
A number of resources have been translated into other languages.