Weekly Teaching from the International School of Meditation

Weekly Teachings

In the three year cycle of the 'Weekly Teaching' we are returning to Year 1 - The Essential Teaching. Since this forms the basis of our practice it is good to periodically remind ourselves of the Essential Teaching. I will be editing and updating the existing weekly episodes as we go along.

This series of Weekly Teachings on Christian Meditation is designed for both individual and group use.

Letter 46: Intention and sustained attention

We have already explored in previous episodes of the Weekly Teachingthe description by Dr Shanida Nataraja, of what happens in the brain when we meditate.

Letter 45: God is in the Silence and in the Now

When we reach at times, however fleetingly, the inner silence we become aware of the presence of God through the feeling of peace and love.

Letter 44: External and internal silence

In the last two Weekly Teachings we have explored ways of stilling the breath, the body and thus the mind to reach the inner silence.

Letter 43: Stilling the body

Sometimes when you are much stressed you may need to do more than just watching the breath. Here is a simple and short exercise to relax the body before meditation.

Letter 42: Stilling the breath

Last week we looked at the importance of the breath in both relaxing the body and the mind and its link with the spirit.

Letter 41: The breath

The breath – the gift of life. Only when we for some reason or other have trouble breathing do we really appreciate this gift that we normally take for granted.

Letter 40: Attention and detachment

The main qualities essential for meditation are ‘attention’ and ‘detachment’. These qualities seem to be opposite, but they actually are complementary.

Letter 39: Is meditation for everyone?

The question is often asked, whether meditation is for everyone.

Letter 38: The scriptural evidence

The question is often asked, where does it say in Christian Scripture that meditation is an acceptable way of prayer?