Weekly Teaching from the International School of Meditation

Letter 8: Thoughts, thoughts and once more thoughts

What to do about all those thoughts crowding in when you are longing for interior silence? An image comes to mind: I remember hearing years ago about an advertisement for meditation.

Letter 7: Stilling the mind

When we begin to meditate, we soon become aware of the fact that the discipline is simple but not easy.

Letter 6: The Practice

The discipline is simple:

Letter 5: How do we prepare for meditation?

John Main rediscovered meditation, the faithful repetition of a prayer phrase to lead us into the silence of ‘pure’ prayer.

Letter 4: Why do we start to meditate?

The impetus for starting to meditate is often the moment when we are faced with something out of the ordinary, something that shakes us out of our ordinary perception of reality.

Letter 3: How did John Main learn about meditation?

John Main was introduced to meditation when he was serving in the British Colonial Service in Malaya.

Letter 2: What is Meditation?

Meditation leads to contemplative prayer by the faithful repetition of a prayer phrase or 'mantra' as John Main called it.

Letter 1: What is Prayer?

A very old definition of prayer described it as "the raising of the heart and mind to God." What is the "mind"; what is the "heart"?