Weekly Teaching from the International School of Meditation

Letter 2: Consciousness

I finished last week with the quote from Phillippians (2:5): “the consciousness that was in Christ is also in us”. But what do we mean by consciousness let alone the consciousness of Christ?

Letter 1: A New Beginning

I would like to start this new cycle of Weekly Teaching with an Easter wish for you in the words of St Paul: “I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the all-glorious Father, may giv

Letter 52: Self-knowledge versus self-obsession

We have seen that self-knowledge is the outcome from‘watching the thoughts’.

Letter 51: Purifying the emotions

Cassian quotes Abba Moses replying to Cassian and his friend Germanus’ questions about the spiritual life in his Conference One, sayingthat “the aim of our profession is the kingdom of God

Letter 50: The demons hiding in our thoughts

In Praktikos Evagrius explains: ‘There are eight general and basic categories of thoughts in which are included every thought.

Letter 49: Feelings and Meditation

Although I promised to introduce you to some of the demons that may play a role in our thoughts and actions on an unconscious level, it would be good to spend a little more time with our feelings.<

Letter 48: True mindfulness and watching the thoughts

We saw how Evagrius outlined the process of the unfolding of memories through the various stages of sensations and feelings, which amplify desires and cause the thoughts and the resulting action.

Letter 47: The importance of paying attention to sensations and feelings

Science has made us aware that we are a beautifully integrated and interconnected energetic system that is integrally linked into the wider cosmic whole.

Letter 46: Evagrius, teacher of contemplation

We have met Evagrius now on several occasions, as he is one of the most important early Christian teacher on contemplation.

Letter 45: Different types of meditation

There are as many types of meditation as there are different cultures.